Ruckus Powers Google Station Wi-Fi Hotspots in India, Indonesia and Mexico

Avatar_NewDog Ruckus Networks June 20, 2018
Google Station Wi-Fi Hotspots in India, Indonesia and Mexico Ruckus has confirmed that its technology will be used to enable carrier-grade networks in Google Station Wi-Fi Hotspots deployed throughout India, Indonesia and Mexico. More specifically, Ruckus will be supplying Google with its virtual SmartZone™ controller, as well as indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (APs). Google Station is a high-speed, high-quality public Wi-Fi platform that provides an easy set of tools to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, such as high-traffic locations like airports, malls, universities, railways and mass transit stations. These hotspots deliver high-performance Wi-Fi using Ruckus’ adaptive antenna BeamFlex™ technology for increased connectivity performance and range, optimized signals and maximized power efficiency. Indeed, rather than arbitrarily radiating signals at a single point or in all directions, BeamFlex enables APs to adapt to their environment and focus optimized signals based on the number and position of connected devices. According to David Shapiro, chief business officer of the Next Billion Users Initiative at Google, deploying Google Stations equipped with Ruckus technologies is an “important step” on the journey to connecting the next billion users. “Ruckus networks are simple to install and operationally cost-efficient, enabling us to be up-and-running in no time,” he stated. “[Moreover], their robust Wi-Fi signal ensures constant connectivity to Google Station hotspots, so users can upload/download photos, manage point-of-sale and be constantly connected.” As Bart Giordano, Ruckus vice president of business development and cloud services notes, Ruckus is committed to delivering connectivity to users across the globe. “Our partnership with Google enables emerging countries—from east to west—to deploy high-performance public Wi-Fi networks,” he said. “Ruckus strives to deliver better quality service, from installation to end users—enhancing the overall user experience. We look forward to this ongoing partnership with Google bringing more connectivity to developing nations.” Ruckus SmartZone @ a glance SmartZoneOS-powered controllers combine scalability, tiered multi-tenancy, architectural flexibility and extensive APIs into a single centrally-managed element. These capabilities enable managed service providers to implement complex, multi-tier and as-a-service business models using their own management applications. They also allow operators to manage subscriber data traffic on a massive scale and integrate traffic flows and network data into existing network architecture. SmartZone network controllers further enable enterprises to simplify network management through consolidation and use of built-in troubleshooting and analytics tools. Interested in learning more? Additional information about SmartZone can be found here and our wireless AP page can be browsed here.    

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