All-digital in-building wireless solution

For enterprises and large public venues, ubiquitous, multi-operator in-building wireless connectivity is increasingly critical for employee productivity, customer satisfaction and even brand reputation. For building owners and managers, excellent wireless connectivity can increase property value. For mobile network operators, neutral hosts and system integrators, the system must be economical to install and manage, and flexible to meet evolving mobile technologies and customer needs.

ERA® scales to support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G in sites ranging from individual office buildings to university campuses and stadiums


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Mobile First

Increasingly, our mobile devices are our first choice for accessing information and getting things done. However, great devices and apps are only as good as the signal reaching them.

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User Experience Obsession

Business and brand are built on the experiences we deliver to our customers and our employees. Putting the right information at peoples’ fingertips—without spinning wheels or hourglasses—is critical.

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Evolution to 5G

According to the GSMA, 5G is commercially available in many countries, but 95% of connections are still over LTE, 3G and 2G. In-building systems must support all legacy services while providing a simple and economical path to 5G.

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The system

ERA is a complete, multi-operator, 2G/3G/4G/5G solution. The system consists of:

  • A head-end, located either on-premise or in a centralized RAN hub, that takes RF and CPRI from service provider base stations, and digitizes them for transport across the building’s fiber or copper cabling
  • Distributed transport extension nodes (TENs) that extend the signal throughout the building, venue or campus
  • Access points with associated antennas and passive devices that convert the digital signal back to radio frequency (RF) for over-the-air transmission

The system is fully modular, allowing any combination of signal inputs, transport media, frequency bands and radio transmit power levels to meet the needs of any environment, ranging from carpeted office buildings to multi-building campuses, airports and stadiums.

ERA System Diagram

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Shrink racks of remote radio heads into a 15 x 30 cm (6 x 12 inches) card.

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