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Luxushotel unternimmt die ersten sicheren Schritte im Bereich der IoT-Gastservices

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Intelligente Geräte, die oft als Internet der Dinge (IoT) bezeichnet werden, geben der Hotelbranche die Chance, die Erlebnisse der Gäste wesentlich zu bereichern. Als das Royal Park Hotel in 2004 in Rochester, Michigan, öffnete, sah es so aus wie ein historisches Wahrzeichen. Das Luxushotel ist im Stil eines eleganten englischen Herrenhauses gestaltet. Durch die historische Eleganz fühlt sich der Gast so, als ob er in die Vergangenheit reist. Das Hotel verwendet aber hochmoderne Technologie.

“Technology moves at an incredibly fast pace. The hotel management encourages us to stay on top of advances that will improve the guest experience,” says Scott Rhodes, Director of Engineering, Royal Park Hotel. Which is why Rhodes and his team are staying close to the evolution of IoT solutions for the hospitality industry. “There’s so much happening with IoT technology. But with any emerging technology, it’s important to think about a long-term strategy. Otherwise, you can end up with a fragmented approach that becomes costly and hard to manage or limits your options in the future. We wanted a more cohesive approach to IoT.”

When ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions personnel suggested migrating to their online connected door lock system, Rhodes knew it was something he wanted for the hotel. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has been providing all of the hotel’s door locks since the hotel opened.

  • Replace standalone door locks with online door lock system for added security and guest convenience
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of an overlay network to support connected door locks
  • Formulate a cohesive strategy for integrating new IoT capabilities moving forward
  • Ruckus IoT-Suite
  • IoT-enabled indoor APs
  • SmartZone Controller
  • Staff receive different types of alerts that may indicate security issues or maintenance requirements
  • Guests have the convenience of using their smartphones instead of keys to unlock their doors
  • The Ruckus IoT Suite provides a converged, multi-standard IoT network]
  • The hotel now has an IoT platform for integrating new capabilities, such as panic buttons and asset tracking
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