Belleville Township High School District 201

Illinois. 4,700 students. Replaced Ubiquiti with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

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In days of old, learning involved rulers, chalkboards, creaky desks and plenty of recess. Today, technology has become a central part of learning, and educators know how important it is to keep students engaged. The tech-savvy generation of students—and educators—uses laptops, smartphones and iPads in the classroom. On average, students are bringing two to three devices each to school for use inside and outside the classroom, and they expect them to be constantly connected. A high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi network is crucial, and so is support for high surges in network usage. Belleville Township High School District 201 in Illinois understood this, so when the network could no longer keep up with high-density campus-wide, it decided to upgrade the network.

  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi infrastructure for easy deployment and management
  • Enterprise-grade solution with intelligent APs
  • Fast and reliable wireless infrastructure supporting
  • high-density for in-classroom learning
  • Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi for distributed site network management
  • 75 Ruckus Unleashed indoor R600 APs throughout each high school
  • Connected up to 100 clients on a single AP with no connectivity issues
  • Allows students and teachers to access the resources they need
  • Cloud Wi-Fi enables far better client roaming from room to room
  • Ruckus Access Points deliver dramatic improvement in connectivity, i.e., higher data rates and more
  • Significant cost reduction due to higher number of devices per AP
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